Leighton Denny Brilliance Nail Treatment

Monday 20 April 2015

Hey guys!

Today I have another nail care related post for you. As I have explained on Instagram and in my last post, I'm giving my nails a week off nail polish in order to try some nail care products. It is proving very difficult to resist painting my nails! 

Anyway.... as much as I love nail polish, it hasn't been loving my nails too much lately and they have slowly become more discoloured! Horrible I know! Now I've tried whitening toothpaste and bicarbonate of soda and lemon on my nails scrubbing them like crazy with no luck. So, I searched the internet for any remedies to treat the yellowing and came across +Leighton Denny Nails Brilliance treatment.

I purchased it from +Nail Polish Direct for £22. Service was brilliant as usual with very fast delivery. I have never been disappointed when shopping with them!

So here is what the kit contained:

  • Brilliance Remover
  • Brilliance Serum
  • Brilliance Shield

How it works? 

 I've used the kit a few times now. The first couple of times I was continuing to wear nail polish so I didn't really notice a huge difference. However, I've used it twice since I've not been wearing polish and have started seeing results! Its not a miracle product; it hasn't completely removed the staining but it has improved them and they look whiter and brighter.

The only problem is when taking pictures the natural lighting really picks up on the yellow tone, so I'm not sure it really shows the improvement. When looking at them generally, they look very close back to normal; much less stained. All the products have  a blue/purple tint to them which works to brighten the nails and remove the stains.

So here are my nails before:

and here are my nails after:

Obviously there is still some staining but I definitely feel they are beginning to look brighter and whiter and with more use I think they will continue to improve. As I said earlier the bright light really highlights the yellow and when just looking at my nails they look brighter than the picture shows. 


Overall, I have been impressed with this product. I have used it 4 times now; twice when still wearing polish and twice when not. I have definitely seen improvements in terms of whitening and brightening and with time I think it will continue to improve. The product is a little more pricey. However, it will last for a long time. If anything the remover will need replacing sooner. 

Have you used this product? 
What is the best treatment you have used for yellow nails? 

Rach xx

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  1. Glad you liked my post. Thanks! I really agree. I've never heard of that brand before