Nailbox UK: Review & Swatches

Thursday 30 April 2015

Hey Guys!

So I recently discovered a new nailbox subscription service called 'Nailbox UK'. I was SO incredibly happy when I found this, especially since it was UK based! I already have a beauty box subscription (birchbox) which I love, but a box that is purely nail based is my idea of heaven! 

So I'm going to start off telling you a little bit more about it... 

What is Nailbox/How does it work?

  • A monthly subscription box filled with nail polish and nail products.
  • It will contain 3 or 4 polishes each month as well as a tool or treatment. 
  • The box dispatches around the 21st of the month (if you subscribe after this date you will receive next months box). 

How much does it cost? 

  • A monthly subscription is £15 per month. 
  • 3 month prepay is £14.50 per month (£43.50 charged every 3 months).
  • 6 month prepay is £14 per month (£84 charged every 6 months).
  • 12 month prepay is £13.50 per month (£162 charged every 12 months). 

Where do I subscribe? 

You can subscribe at

***At present this box is only available in the UK.

Now.... onto April's box!

So, this month I received 4 polishes: +OPI Products 'Kiss me on my Tulips', +chinaglazeofficial 'Peachy Keen' +Essie UK 'Muchi Muchi' and +Revlon UK 'Buttercup' along with an Essie nail file. 

They were packaged well inside (the box was packed with Styrofoam S's to protect the polish and it was sent via Royal Mail's tracked service. 

I absolutely loved the colours this month! I thought I'd be least excited about Revlon 'Buttercup' but I was pleasantly surprised. 

So now onto each polish in turn including swatches:

OPI: Kiss me on my Tulips:

I LOVE this colour! It is just the most perfect hot pink! I love it even more since a little while back I went on a little spa afternoon and had an express mani. I had my nails painted with OPI 'That's hot! Pink' and loved it. I've been dying to buy it and this seems almost an exact match! 

The formula was great!  It's a cream polish and quite opaque. I think it would have been a two coater if I had been a little more careful but there were just a couple of patches where I felt it needed a third so my swatch is 3 thin coats. 

I topped this with Dream Polish 'Gem Glam top coat' but used my second bottle (since I've basically finished my first) and I feel the formula is a little odd like its left the polish looking a little waxy. 

China Glaze: Peachy Keen:

I loved this polish! Again it was another surprise favourite since I don't own many orange polishes but as the name suggests it it more peach toned it was really flattering and made my skin look a little more tanned. Always a winner! 

This was another cream formula and I applied 3 coats for my swatch. 

Essie: Muchi Muchi: 

I loved this polish. Its a very cute baby pink and I don't own anything else like it! 

This to me was more of a crelly formula and had to be built up for full coverage. I did three coats for this swatch. I think it really compliments my skin tone it is definitely a new favourite! 

Revlon: Buttercup: 

This one was a real surprise love for me. I really do not own many yellow polishes and I have bought some in the past and they just haven't suited me! Recently however I have found two pastel yellows I love Color Club's Macaroon Swoon and now this! It just looks so pretty! It's really understated, not too in your face and is a great spring polish. 

This again was a cream formula and I applied 3 coats for my swatch. 

So, that's the polishes! I wasn't overly fussed with the nail file. Mainly because a little while back I switched to a crystal glass file and will never turn back to the cardboard emery board files. Since I loved the polishes so much it wasn't a huge let down. 


I LOVED this months box (especially as my first) and it has given me really high expectations for next months. I really hope they keep it up! I signed up for 6 months making the box £14 a month. The brands of polishes I received for that price is absolutely amazing and I really don't think you can go wrong! Delivery was quick and it all came well packed via a tracked service. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. Please let me know what you think! 

Rach xx

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