Negative Space

Sunday 10 November 2019

*{AD - Gifted}*

Hey Guys!

Sorry its been a while since I last posted! Just had so much going on in terms of work and personnally its been really hard to find the time to post.... I recently lost my dog Max who I've had for so long and that was really hard, Ive been ill recently too and then it has just been my birthday but esentially I've really missed nails and I wanted to get back to it. This was one of two other designs I created with the Insta Dri collection I needed to share with you

So to create this design I used Va Va Violet and Petal to the Metal. For the negative space nails I started with a base coat, let that dry and then applied some straight nail vinyls to create the stripes. I then painted over with Va Va Violet and removed the vinyls immediately to get crisp lines. Once this dried I topped with the Sally Hansen Matte top coat and then painted the triangle with petal to the Metal freehand using a detail brush.

The other nails wre just simple Va Va violet topped with a matte top coat and then the mini triangles were again painted freehand using a detail brush and Petal to the Metal. The reason I painted the triangles at the end was to keep their shine and sparkle.

So thats it! What do you guys think? I'm really happy with them they were easy to create but I think look really effective

Rach xx