Cath Kidston Nail Art & Tutorial

Monday 11 May 2015

Hey guys!

Today I have some more nail art and a little picture tutorial for you so you can see how I created this design! 

I've been wanting to create  +Cath Kidston inspired nails for a while since this was one of the first designs I posted on my Instagram a year ago! I thought it would be a great chance to see my improvement. 

I'm shamefully going to show you my design from a year ago; in a time before I had discovered clean up and hand posing! 

I was so proud of them a year ago... I mean they aren't completely terrible but I've definitely come a long way in a year; improvements in detail, clean up and photography! I'm really pleased with them. 

So... now a close up of the 'now' design: 

Products used:

 Please see pictured below except for the top coat as I forgot!

Here is the pictorial:

  1.  Start off with a base coat and then follow with a blue polish (I've done 3 thin coats here for full coverage). 
  2. Using a large sized dotting tool (this is the green one in my pictures) create cloud shapes using white polish. 
  3. Using a detail brush and light pink acrylic paint make rough rose shapes (they don't need to be perfectly circular). 
  4. Using a thinner detail brush and dark pink acrylic paint, paint 'c' shapes around your rose (these are the petals).
  5. Using the same thin detail brush and white acrylic paint add in more 'c' shapes to give extra shading and depth. 
  6. Using green acrylic paint add some leaves around your roses. 
  7. Using a lighter green add lines inside the leaves for shading. 
  8. Using a small dotting tool and white polish create dots around the cloud shapes. 
  9. Finish with top coat and you're done!

 I hope you guys like these! I'm really happy with them! Please let me know what you think!

Rach xx


  1. These are beaut! Thanks for the pictorial, I had a pretty good idea how to go about recreating them but it's good to see it broken down. I'm definitely going to give these a go, the overall effect looks so pretty and intricate. You've improved so much since you last did these as well! <3 x

    1. Aww thank you so much! You are too kind! Aww yay you definitely should! I'd love to see them and I'm glad the pictorial is of some help :) x

  2. I really love this nail art! It's so cute :)

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