About Me

Just a girl from England with a serious nail polish addiction! Well... technically I  think its just an all round shopping addiction as my other loves include clothes and makeup.
Seriously though... I've lost count of the amount of polishes I own! There must be hundreds!

I've always loved nail polish and painting my nails, but it wasn't until last year (August 2014) that I decided to create an Instagram account and Polishisthenewblack was born! Since then I've slowly branched out across the social media >>>Check out my links in the sidebar<<< and now (January 2015) I finally have a blog!

It's something I've been thinking about for a long time and since finishing my university work I've finally had the time to do it!

I hope to be able to post pretty regularly and I really hope you like my blog!

Any questions? Drop me an email

Rach xx

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