Bridesmaid Nails

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Hey Guys!

So, last month, I was a bridesmaid at my uncle's wedding. Of course, I did my nails specially for the occasion to match my outfit. My cousin did all of the photography on the day and he took this lovely shot of my nails. So, today I'm finally sharing them with you.

I wore a deep purple bandeau dress from Coast which I teamed with sparkly heels and a matching bag from Quiz. I then wore a silver floral necklace and matching earrings from Debenhams and my Swarovski bracelet and Pandora rings. My hair was pinned in a curly bun and I wore a silver and pearl headband.

Here I am in my outfit:

I planned a design similar to the elegant colour block nails I did a little while back HERE but instead changed the colour scheme to match my outfit and added some studs for a little extra sparkle.

Here is my finished design:

Products used: 

  • Polished by KPT: Being in the Pink $12 from Polished by KPT.
  • OPI: Bubble Bath £14.95 in a set along with Alpine Snow (£7.95 to buy alone) from NPD.
  • Danglefoot Nail Polish: Cosmic Girl £? from Etsy.
  • Pearl rhinestones £2.16 from Born Pretty Store
  • Rhinestones £2.33 from BPS
  • Straight vinyls £3.82 from Nail Vinyls.
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat £5.99 from Boots.

I actually forgot when I was painting my nails that 'Being in the Pink' was a thermal polish. I only realised when I was washing my hands and the polish changed to a much lighter pink/purple shade. For those of you wondering, thermal polishes change colour depending whether they are hot or cold. Cool huh?

So here you can see the mani when the polish is warm (the colour changes to a much lighter pink/purple) as opposed to a deep purple (when cold).

I really love this polish; I think the colour change is so pretty.

I even made a little pictorial for you guys to show you how I created this look:

  1. Start with a base of bubble bath and let it dry fully (this is extremely important for the next step). 
  2. When the base is fully dry apply a straight nail vinyl or some scotch tape diagonally across your nail (the polish must be dry or the vinyl will pull up the polish). 
  3. Apply a liquid latex skin protector or latex free (if you are allergic) around your nail for easy clean up. 
  4. Apply Being in the Pink to the area in between the vinyl. 
  5. Remove the vinyl immediately (this is very important in order to achieve a crisp clean line). Apply quick dry top coat and let the polish dry completely (this is extremely important so the polish isn't pulled off the nail - it can take quite a while be patient!).
  6. Apply another vinyl diagonally across your nail in the opposite direction. 
  7. Apply more liquid latex or latex free skin protector around the nail. 
  8. Apply Cosmic Girl to the area between the  vinyl. 
  9. Remove the vinyl immediately. Let the polish dry for a couple of minutes and then apply a quick dry top coat. Finally, clean up around the nail. 

So that's the finished mani. I loved how simple yet elegant this design was and it was perfect for the day.

What do you guys think?

I hope you like them

Rach xx