Charming Tale UK Indie Polish: Swatches & Review

Saturday 22 August 2015

Hey Guys!

So today I have some swatches of a very lovely polish and a review of a liquid latex based skin protector from a brand new UK indie brand; Charming Tale created by the lovely LeasNails. The polishes are 5 free and will be launching later today at 7pm!

There will be 2 collections launching: The Fairy Godmother collection which consists of 4 polishes; Flora (pink), Fauna (green) Merryweather (blue) and Fairy Dust (silver holo). Second, The Fairest of Them All collection which will consist of 3 polishes; Mistress of all Evil (deep purple shimmer - only 2 created!) Poison Apple (red shimmer) and Magic Mirror (gold holo).

You will also find more information on Instagram HERE, Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

Today I'll be showing you Fairy Dust:

This is the absolutely stunning 'Fairy Dust' which will be part of the Fairy Godmother collection along with 3 other polishes. It can be worn as a glitter topper over another polish or it can be built up for full coverage glitter glam as I did here. I was very pleasantly surprised with the coverage. Shown here is two coats! I was expecting I would need to apply the polish via a sponge in order to achieve full coverage, but brush application worked perfectly.

The formula was amazing; application was very smooth and instantly a winner with the coverage. It has instantly become one of my favourite glitter polishes! I mean it is gorgeous; look at all the colours when the light hits it.

This is definitely one of those polishes where you find yourself constantly staring at your nails. Probably not one to wear while driving!

Where to buy? 

This polish will be launching later on tonight at 7pm along with 6 other polishes. They will be available via the website HERE.

Polish prices vary slightly depending on the type, but the max for a 10ml bottle is £6.65 and for a 5ml bottle is £3.50. 

Next up is Practical Magic Liquid Latex:

Practical Magic can be used as either a skin protector when stamping or creating gradients or a peel off base coat for use with glitter polishes. It is a pink liquid latex formula with pink glitter dispersed throughout.

***Allergy Alert! DO NOT use if allergic to latex***

The applicator is a lip gloss sponge. It can be a little tricky if you want to apply to a precise area but I found it works perfectly for applying around the nail as a skin protector and I actually prefer it to a brush as you can cover a large area more easily.

Here it is applied around the skin. It dries to a sheer pink.

Here you  can see a brief video of the removal of the product. It comes off really easy in one go!

That's it!

Don't forget the launch is TONIGHT at 7pm!

Rach xx

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