June Nailbox UK Swatches & Review

Friday 26 June 2015

Hey guys!

So its that time of the month again... My June Nailbox UK arrived at my door a couple of days ago and I've been busy swatching its contents. I was hoping to have this post up yesterday but I was a little busy and didn't have time! Sorry guys!

Anyway.... Back to the post. This is now my third Nailbox and I have to say it was yet another month with a great selection of polishes. You can read my reviews of April and May's boxes HERE and HERE

This month's box contained 3 polishes: Nailsinc Colville Mews, Essie Roarrrrange, Tanya Burr Mischief Managed, Seche Vite top coat and Elegant Touch cuticle nippers. 

The box yet again was well packaged with Styrofoam to protect the contents. 

Here is a close up of the box contents. I really liked the selection of polishes and the cuticle nippers since my current ones are on their way out. However, I was a little disappointed with the Seche Vite top coat.

Now I'll take you through each polish in turn: 

Tanya Burr: Mischief Managed 


This isn't a polish I would have ever bought myself. I don't own any polishes by Tanya Burr and it wasn't really a brand I was aware of. Despite this, it was a really nice red polish. Shown here is two coats topped with the Seche Vite top coat. It was a nice formula and was easy to apply. However, the only downside was it did stain my cuticles a little. Red polishes are notorious for this, but this particular polish seemed a little more stubborn than others when trying to remove it.

Essie: Roarrrrange 


Each Nailbox so far has contained an orange polish and as I've said before I'm not an orange person. I loved China Glaze Peachy Keen in the first box as it was a more pastel toned orange/peach polish and was just gorgeous but I wasn't a fan of the Orly Fiery Orange last month. I actually already own Roarrrrange so I already knew it was a lovely orange polish; its so vibrant and Summery. I only own a mini though so its nice to have a full sized version. 

Shown here is two coats topped with the Seche Vite top coat. The formula was lovely and it had Essie's new wider brush, making application much easier. 

Nails Inc: Colville Mews

This was my absolute favourite this month! It is just such a stunning nude polish! I didn't own any Nails Inc products til recently but I've quickly built up a little collection. The formula of the polishes are amazing. This one is a gel effect polish so it had a lovely shine to it. Shown here is two coats; no topcoat as I wanted to show the 'gel effect'. It isn't as shiny as topping it with topcoat and my other two swatches definitely look more glossy with Seche Vite but I still have to discuss my disappointment with that. 

Now its onto the disappointment of the box...

Seche Vite top coat

I topped both of these polishes with Seche Vite. It dried the polish quickly and left them with a glossy finish. Sounds great right? What more could you ask for? You're probably looking at these and wondering whats wrong with them. I took both of these pictures straight after applying my top coat and they do look perfect I'll give them that. However, I've had Seche Vite in the past and I know the real fun starts after application.

So now here is a picture of my nails NOT EVEN 24 HOURS LATER! Look at the shrinkage! That's some serious tip wear for the time I'd been wearing it. This is one of the main reasons I stopped using this top coat previously. You would apply it to your nails and they would look perfect and then later... BAM... shrinkage and your mani is ruined! That and the smell. This is the strongest smelling top coat I've ever used. It gives me a headache using it. So basically my Seche Vite is just going to sit around now in a box. 

Anyway.... Sorry for the negativity guys but I have to give you my true and honest opinion and this top coat just is not for me. I know some people like it but I've found other quick dry shiny topcoats which I prefer. 

Last but not least.... the Elegant Touch cuticle nippers. I have used these a few times now and I love them! They are so much more sturdy than my previous ones so I was really happy to receive them! As you will know from my nail care routine post (which can be found HERE) I don't actually use these for my cuticles. I use them on hang nails and they are a god send! They are also really helpful when cutting tape, stickers or nail wraps.


I was really happy with this month's box despite the Seche Vite. I know Nailbox are just giving us a little variety and they are a well known brand that a lot of people will like. However, for me the top coat just isn't right and that's fine. Everyone's opinions differ. I loved the selection of colours, especially Roarrrrange and Colville Mews. Essie and Nails Inc are some of my favourite polish brands so I knew the polishes would be great. I was really impressed with the cuticle nippers too. This is the second Elegant Touch product I've now received in Nailbox (last month I received the cuticle pusher) and both have worked well. For the price Nailbox is definitely worth it, it costs between £13.50-£15 depending on your subscription length. You can read more about Nailbox in my first post HERE. All the polishes were opaque in 2 coats which again is amazing! 

If you want to find out more about Nailbox or want to subscribe, head over to nailbox.co.uk 

I hope you guys liked this post!

What do you think about the polishes? 

Rach xx

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