I've been drinking... Watermelon

Monday 18 May 2015

Hey Guys!

I finally have some new nail art! A little later than I was intending but I've been helping decorate my bros new house which made my nails a bit of a mess! 

Anyway today's design was completely inspired by +Nailstorming; A watermelon ruffian. 

To create this design I used my new Nails Inc products which I won in the +Grazia UK 'Manicure Monday' competition:

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I won with this design HERE

My prize pictured above is the 'Kensington Caviar' base & top coat, 'Berkeley Street' gel effect nail polish and a Vitamin E cuticle oil pen! They are all so lovely and this mani was the perfect opportunity to try them out.They are my very first Nails Inc products and I was very pleasantly impressed with them. 

So now lets take a look at the mani I created:

I'm really happy with how these turned out. This is my first ruffian design and it is really simple to do! I painted it freehand using Oumaxi acrylic paints over my base of  'Berkeley Street'. I think the most difficult part is getting the curves even (well it is for me anyway as I'm somewhat of a perfectionist!)

I also made a little pictorial for you guys to show you how I created this design:

  1. I started off with my base coat (for this particular look I used the Kensington Caviar one. After letting that dry I applied 2 thin coats of 'Berkeley Street' this polish was perfect in terms of coverage and applied like a dream.  Following this I applied 1 coat of quick dry topcoat.
  2. Using my Pure Color 9 brush (striper brush) and green acrylic paint I created a curved outline to my nails. You can see the brush in an earlier post HERE and I bought it from Stylishnailartshop.
  3. Again using the same brush I then applied white acrylic paint in a thin curved line following the green. 
  4. I then painted 3 pips using black acrylic paint (tear drop shape). 
  5. I topped it all with top coat; in this case Kensington Caviar. 
  6. All done! 

I really love this design. It's a little different than I usually do and It's not flowers for a change! 

I think its perfect for summer time since its so bright. 

What did you think of it? 

Hope you like it

P.s. I couldn't resist the Beyonce lyric for the title :P

Rach xx


  1. I've wanted to try watermelon nail art for ages but I'd be so bad at 'the curve', yours looks gorgeous! Also hope you enjoy your nails inc cuticle pen, I have it with me at work and it's a lifesaver!
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. You should definitely give it a go! I really loved doing them they were so different than many of my other designs. Aww thank you! It can take a little time to get the curve right but that's just me being a perfectionist! The cuticle pen is great!