What does the Fox say?

Sunday 19 July 2015

Hey Guys!

So a few days ago I posted these fox nails on Instagram but I didn't have chance to edit my pictures and write a blog post before the wedding. So basically I'm playing catch up; I still have my bridesmaid nails to show you but I'm waiting on a couple of pics my talented cousin took before I share them with you!

Anyway back to this adorable fox. If you've been following me for a while on Instagram you may well remember this design (back in November last year!). I was originally inspired by +onenailtorulethemall but decided to recreate the design. 

Who wants a bit of then and now action?

Can we all just take a moment for that hand pose? I know many of you seem to think my hand poses are rather elegant but it wasn't always that way... I've had to perfect it over time :P I was really proud of these last year and to be honest they aren't too bad but I can definitely see the improvement in 8 months! 

I love then and now posts just for this reason. I think its really easy to think you haven't made any improvement so I really encourage you guys to take pictures and look back at them every so often. Practice really does make a difference!

Products used: 

  • OPI Bubble Bath £14.95 for a set containing this alongside Alpine Snow and some nail tip guides (£7.95 to buy alone) from Nailpolishdirect
  • OPI Love Angel Music Baby £8.99 from Amazon
  • Color Club Holy Chic! £5 from Amazon.
  • Nails Inc Berkeley Street £15 from Debenhams/Beauty Bay (I won it in a Grazia Live comp).
  • Essie Romper Room approx £4 from TK Maxx
  • Oumaxi Acrylic Paints £12.99 (set of 30) from Amazon
  • #0 Kolinsky brush $6.95 from Winstonia.
  • Dotting tools £1 on Amazon or Ebay. 

So to create this look I started with 3 coats of Bubble bath. I then added some quick dry top coat to my index finger. A little tip I've found is that if you add top coat before painting your design, if you make a mistake you can rub it off with a wet cotton bud! This of course is only if you're using acrylic paint and you have to make sure your nails are fully dry. 

I even created a little picture tutorial for the fox nail... I'm so good to you guys (jokes! I was also supposed to be doing one for the flowers... but clearly forgot to take any more pictures after the base polish... sorry!): 

  1. Start with your base and let it dry fully (I added quick dry top coat to speed things up). 
  2. Using a detail brush paint 2 curved lines in a red/orange acrylic paint (or polish if you prefer) coming to a point at the base of your nail. 
  3. Draw a curved line joining the two lines to form the top of the fox's head. 
  4. Fill in the outline. 
  5. Draw two ears at the top of the fox's head. 
  6. Using a dotting tool and black acrylic paint make two ovals for the eyes. Then using the detail brush paint a half oval for the nose. 
  7. I then added another layer of quick dry top coat. Using a dotting tool and light pink polish paint 5 dots to create a flower on one of the ears. Add a dot to the centre and then finish the full design with top coat. 
Apologies for not taking pictures of the flowers! They are really easy to do; just create 5 dots and a dot in the centre. As you can see for the rest of the nails I just varied the flowers at different levels.

As usual I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures! I like to show the designs from different angles and give you guys a little variety though.

That's it!

I really hope you guys liked this design! Let me know your thoughts below!

Rach xx