Danglefoot Nail Polish Sugar & Spice Collection: Swatches & Review

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Hey Guys!

So today I have some exciting swatches for you from the new Sugar & Spice collection by Danglefoot Nail Polish. 

The collection consists of 4 linear holographic jelly polishes that all have names related to being a girl. They can either be worn alone or used as a collection for water marbling, lead lighting, pond manis etc. 

Named from left to right: 'Bra off, Hair up' 'Does my bum look big in this?' 'I have nothing to wear' and 'Bad hair day'. 

You can find the polishes HERE on Hayley's Etsy shop. They will be £3.50 for the minis and £6.50 for the full sized polishes. 

I was really honored that Hayley asked me to swatch this collection. I mean they look beautiful! I've been a fan for quite a while of Hayley's polishes. She makes my absolute favourite silver glitter polish Cosmic Girl. I have been really impressed with the polishes I've bought in the past; another favourite of mine was 'The Snozberries taste like Snozberries'

As you can imagine I was really excited to receive them! Hayley really is a nail polish making wizard!

So onto the swatches:

1. Bra off, Hair up

This is my absolute favourite of the entire collection. It is such a unique shade; a mix between pink and red and the holo is just beautiful! Look at all the colours! Shown here is two coats topped with top coat. The formula was amazing to work with; really easy to apply and dries smooth.

Here is a close up to show you a little more detail (you can see all the different colours of the holo when the light hits it):

2. Does my bum look big in this? 

I have to say I wasn't too sure about this polish when I saw it but its actually really pretty! Its a yellow/gold shade; actually it really reminds me of  Belle's dress. I was really surprised that it only took 2 coats for coverage which is shown here topped with top coat. Like the polish before it also had a really great formula. 

Here is a close up to see the detail:

3. I have nothing to wear

A beautiful bright blue polish made extra pretty with all the holo goodness! Shown here is 2 coats topped with top coat. Like the others it had a great formula.

Here is a close up:

Just look how pretty it is!

Last but not least...

4. Bad hair day

Definitely my second favourite from the collection; it was between the blue and this one but I think this one just won out as it is so unique. It is a mix between pink and purple and the holo just looks stunning when the light hits it! It had the same amazing formula as the rest of the polishes but I found this one needed 3 coats for full coverage. 

A close up:

Thats it! Aren't they just stunning!? This seriously was such a gorgeous collection to swatch I really loved them. 


A stunning collection! Just seriously! I found myself just staring at my nails most of the time I was wearing them. All of them have amazing formulas and applied really smoothly. I hope you have enjoyed these swatches; I am aiming to do some nail art using them too. 

If you want to purchase them; head over to Hayley's etsy shop HERE. They will be available from 7pm.

Rach xx


  1. This is such a gorgeous collection, I love the purple shade and the names are highly amusing.


    1. They're really great I love them :) I know the names are perfect!

  2. Omg these are so cute =]