Born Pretty Store: Peel off Glitter Review

Friday 8 March 2019


Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a swatch and review of the Born Pretty Store Peel off Glitter in Night Moon Barbie

This was gifted to me for a review but I will be giving my honest opinion on the product.

To start off I will say I did find the formula tricky. It is quite a thick consistency which I found difficult to paint on. I got around this by using a sponge to apply it. It did also feel like a glue due to it being a peel off polish.  

Generally I do think it looks very sparkly and pretty!There are some areas that look a little dull and I wonder if it is the glue like property of it

Taking off this polish was so easy! Anyone who has worn glitter polish will know the worst part about wearing it is having to take it off as it is just impossible! However, with this it peeled off so easily and I think this is a major plus for this porduct. Also this polish is only approximately £3 which is so cheap and I think you can't really argue with the formula for that price and you can definitely get around it by applying with a sponge 

All in all I think this is a great product for the price, the look and ease of removing.

You can find the polish HERE - or search the product code #44833

Have you guys tried this polish? What are your thoughts?

Rach xx

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