Minnie Mouse Nail Sticker Review: Poundland

Thursday 24 January 2019

Hey Guys!

Today I have a nail look to share with you that is perfect if youre in a rush and they look super cute!

So these are actually nail stickers which means the design is ready done for you. They are great if you struggle with freehand designs and there is no waiting around for your polish to dry. You can apply and youre free to get on with your day!

They also only cost £1 from Poundland - They are so good for bargain nail supplies often you can find nail polishes like Models Own in there too

So here are the nail stickers - they did have a couple of designs in when I got these to. They had some more Minie themed stickers in purple and pink 

I think the design is so cute - who doesn't love Minnie Mouse!?

The main tricky bit and downside was trying to get the size right for your nail.
I cut some off around the edges so it looked about right (it was a bit of guess work) and you can see my cutting wasn't fully straight. I then filed off the excess at the tips. 

They were pretty easy to apply - They're sticky underneath so no need for polish. Once cut to size I applied to my nail and smoothed them out. There were a couple of bubbles - to be expected and I bet if i practiced with them again I could improve on the application.

So all in all they arent perfect and can be a little fiddly but for £1 and when youre in need of a quick nail design I think they are really good.

Do you guys have any bargain nail finds from anywhere?

Rach xx

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