Mani Swap: Nautical vs Floral

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Hey Guys!

Today I'm back with some new nail art. A couple of days ago I did a mani swap with the lovely mvargas_nails on Instagram. I chose to recreate her nautical design while she chose to recreate my floral lace design. 

You can see my floral lace nails here

So onto the design I recreated.... 

I used +OPI Products Alpine Snow as my base (2 coats) and then I painted all of the detail freehand using my Oumaxi acrylic paints and my Pure Color 9 brush (striper brush). 

I started by painting the stripes over my base. I decided to freehand these rather than use stripping tape to make things easier. While the lines aren't completely perfect, using a striping brush enables you to achieve pretty accurate lines. After this, I painted the anchors and finally the flowers. I didn't do a tutorial for these as I was just having a nice chilled evening enjoying painting. I find tutorials can be quite time consuming. 

Here are the finished nails. I took quite a few different photos to show different angles. I love them so much!

Wow that was a lot of photos! Maybe a little overboard but oh well!

I really hope you like these!

Rach xx

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