Floral Bridesmaid Nails

Monday 19 November 2018

Hey Guys!

So this is just a short post. I want to start off with saying sorry for having completely disappeared! It was challenging trying to keep up with regularly blogging and working - especially since I can't have my nails painted for work. I think I was putting a bit too much pressure on myself but I've really missed doing my nails so I've decided to get back into it but this time I'm just posting when I can (this may only be once a week). 

Anyway I painted these nails for my brother's wedding - They were a super quick job late in the evening the day before the wedding but I was really happy with how they turned out. 

The base colour is Essie Saltwater Happy with OPI Love Angel Music Baby as an accent nail. I painted the roses freehand using my Nail Artisan by Alex brushes and acrylic paint. 

Here I am in my full outfit: 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get anymore pictures of my nails so its just a short and sweet post today

Hope you guys like them!

Rach xx

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