Danglefoot Nail Polish: Swatches & Review

Monday 23 February 2015

Hey Guys!
Today.... as you may have already guessed I have some swatches and a review of Danglefoot Nail Polish. They are handmade UK indie polishes which are both 5 free and cruelty free, made by the lovely Hayley. Danglefoot is a new brand to me and these were my first purchases. I had been following Hayley's Instagram for a while and was really intrigued by her polishes. I finally gave in and purchased some. They were: 

From left to right: 'The Snozberries taste like Snozberries', 'Love you berry much', 'Cosmic Girl' and 'George's Marvelous Medicine'.

First up to show you is 'The Snozberries taste like Sonzberries'

This is a gorgeous red holo polish: You may remmber I used it in my last mani pictured above!

I think this is my absolute favourite. It is just the most perfect red polish with a really subtle holo shimmer to it... and when it catches the light, the shimmer is crazy! 

I feel the second picture shows of the holo a little better. Unfortunately my dad has gone away for a few weeks and has taken his amazing camera with him which I normally use for all my pictures! So.... I've had to take my swatch pictures on my iPad and I just don't feel it quite captures the amazingness (yes I did just make up that word) of this polish. 

Something that I really love about this polish is that this was only 2 coats! Application was super smooth as it contained micro glitter and so almost dries smooth. I should also not how fast this polish dried! Honestly, I painted one coat and by the time I got to my pinkie my thumb was dry!

Next up is 'Love you berry much' 
***Please note that Hayley sent me this polish to swatch, but this does not alter my review in any way!***

I managed to photograph this baby with my Dad's camera before he left and it just looks stunning!

This is a gorgeous purple holo polish. I did apply 3 thin coats of this one but it was easily opaque in 2! Application wasn't quite as easy as with Snozberries as this is a really holo glitter heavy polish but it wasn't at all difficult. This polish dries much more textured due to all the glitter, so I added top coat to smooth it out and give it a glossy finish. 

Next is 'Cosmic Girl':

I LOVE this polish it is SO sparkly! It is amazing! Here, I am wearing 3 coats without a base colour. This is something I really loved about this polish that it could be built up for full coverage, as most glitter polishes need a base. It dries textured so I added top coat to smooth it out.

Finally, I have 'George's Marvelous Medicine':

This is a blue jelly polish packed with circular and square sequins and glitter. Here I am wearing 3 coats as the blue jelly is actually quite sheer. I topped this with top coat to smooth it out.

I was really impressed with Danglefoot nail polish. Each polish has been unique and so pretty!
I will definitely be making more purchases in the future!

Hope you liked these

Rach xx