Nautical Florals: Mani Swap

Sunday 3 April 2016

Hey Guys!

Look at me blogging again!?!? Miracle, I know!

So my current design was done as part of a mani swap with the lovely, amazingly talented, Lottie aka 'Let's Talk Nail Art'.

I recreated Lottie's nautical florals and she recreated my bright tribal nails. I absolutely love them! Lottie's recreation is fantastic isn't it?

Products used: 

  • OPI: Alpine Snow £8.95 from Nailpolishdirect.
  • OPI: Ski Slope Sweetie£5.95 from Nailpolishdirect.
  • Nails Inc: Alexa Edit - Night Sky from TK Maxx.
  • Nail Vinyls: Straight vinyls £4.22 from Nailvinyls.
  • Oumaxi: Acrylic paints £16.10 (for 30) from Amazon.
  • Pure color: Glamour 1 Nail art brush from Stylishnailartshop on Etsy.
  • Winstonia Kolinsky brush $6.95 from Winstonia.
  • Studs 88p (currently - normally £4.91) from Bornprettystore

I didn't do a tutorial - sorry guys! Maybe I'll do one if there's interest but I'll talk you through the steps:

  1. Apply base coat and let it dry. 
  2. Apply white polish and let that dry - I then applied a coat of ski slope sweetie to give it a nice shimmer. 
  3. Now here's the really important part! Your nails have to be COMPLETELY dry before you continue - I helped speed things up using quick dry drops.
  4. One your nails are completely dry apply nail vinyls across your nail with gaps in between. 
  5. Apply blue polish over the vinyls. 
  6. Remove the vinyls IMMEDIATELY (I used tweezers for this and its crucial you are quick to achieve a clean line). 
  7. Once dry, start painting your flowers - I did this by painting a circle using pink to begin with. I then added curved lines for the petals using white, red and a paler pink. 
  8. Using green paint create the leaves - add a line to the middle using a lighter green. 
  9. Once this is dry apply your top coat and add studs to your pointer and pinkie. 
  10. All done! 

Here's a close up of the flowers so you can see better how I created them.

I hope you guys liked this design!

Let me know your thoughts!

Rach xx

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